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Ophthalmology (Eye) Diseases

The window that opens to the world: Eyes

High quality service with international standards

Medipol University Hospital Ophthalmology Department, with hundreds of different treatment methods offered in all branches of the eye, makes successful solutions to all problems related to eye health.

Medipol University Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, closely follows scientific and technological developments in the field of eye diseases and offers world-class high quality service to its patients.

In this department, patient information and physician records are stored in the computer environment in the most advanced programs. In this way, patients can reach all the former records and information in later reference.

Areas of service
  • General eye examination
  • Cataract surgery
  • Retinal disease and surgery (Vitrectomy)
  • Treatment of glaucoma (eye pressure)
  • Strabismus and children's ophthalmology treatment
  • Corneal diseases and corneal transplants
  • Eye surgery (Oculaplastic Surgeris)
  • Uveitis