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Medipol Mega University Hospital offers healthcare services under the most favorable conditions. It is in contact plenty of contracted institutions that are open to international plan around the world, and professional teams are supporting policy holders by providing the highest level of patient satisfaction during their treatment procedures. 

In your international policies, if you have an international health insurance, it is sufficient to apply with insurance card or policy documents. If your treatment costs will be covered by another institution, please state this during the inquiry.
Insurance companies and other institutions that we have contracts with;
International Private Health Insurance Companies
•    Allianz Worldwide Care
•    Bupa International Corporation
•    Cigna International
•    HWA Health Watch s.a 
•    International Global Benefit
•    GMC Henner International
•    Metlife Expatriate Benefits
•    Blue Shield Blue Cross Health Insurance Company
•    Medilink International
•    Sigma Interalbanian Insurance
•    Intersig Vienna Insurance
•    Healix Group of Companies
•    Medigo TPA Company

International Assistance Companies 
•    ADAC
•    Aid Assistance
•    Allianz Worldewide Partners - Mondial Assistance
•    Alfina Assistance Healthcare 
•    April Turkey Assistance
•    Euro-Center (Local Assistance Worldwide)
•    Eurocross Turkey
•    Europ Assistance
•    Falck Global Assistance
•    Interpartner Assistance /IPA
•    International  S.O.S
•    Health 360
•    Marm Assistance
•    Remed Assistance
•    TUR Assistance
•    Egycross Assistance
•    Retaş Assistance

Contracted Governmental Institutions
•    Iraq Ministry of Health
•    Libyan Consulate Health Office
•    Macedonia Ministry of Health
•    Georgia Ministry of Health
•    Kazakhstan Ministry of Health
•    Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Health
•    Romania Ministry of Health
•    Serbia Ministry of Health
•    Montenegro Ministry of Health
•    Bulgaria Ministry of Health
•    Kosovo Ministry of Health
•    Azerbaijan Faculty of Medicine
•    Bahrain Ministry of Health
•    V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Contracted Embassies and Consulates
•    Consulate General of Serbia in Istanbul
•    Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul
•    Consulate General of Turkmenistan in Istanbul