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General Surgery

Perfect surgical equipment, senior services...

Understanding of scintific service accompanied with modern technology

Medipol University Hospital General Surgery Department, serves with its expert staff having any kind of infrastructure and equipment that the branch of general surgery requires.

The most problematic and difficult cases of general surgery are undoubtedly cancer. The cancer treatments of stomach, pancreas, intestine are done considering the current type of practice. Iin this context Laparoscopic (closed) method is applied as a routine in colon cancers. For other cancers in the abdomen, adopting the most advanced principles of treatment are also recepted with the help of innovative technological tools. Breast cancers are the most common type of cancer having successful results of operation. Taking current approaches in the surgical treatment of this disease as a priority, an approach protecting the breast and minimizing the interventions being performed to the axilla is adopted. The department serves a pioneering scientific level in the treatment of goiter and thyroid cancer frequently seen in our country

The most frequently performed surgical procedures in general surgery are the gallbladder and hernia operations. These procedures are performed via laparoscopic (closed) method by using the highest level of current technological equipment. The department, which has all kinds of equipment required in emergency surgery, all kinds of senior services are rapidly supplied.

Since general Surgery Department adopts giving patient-centered service, current medical procedures are also followed ın non-surgical interventions. . In this context both endoscopic procedures and follow up of non-surgical patients are succesfully done.

Colorectal (Large Bowel) Surgery Unit

Colon diseases, especially cancer and functional bowel diseases are common in the population. The most important recent development in both of them is the multidisciplinary approach. By this, taking role of the many disciplines in coordination with each other for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and application of the most rational approach for the patient is provided. Within this concept; Medipol University Hospital General Surgery Department Colorectal (Large Bowel) Surgery Unit exhibits a patient centered approach in coordination with Pathology, Gastroenterology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiation Oncology Departments. By this, most current approach is provided at prevention, diagnosis and treatment stages of combatting with colon cancer which is a fatal disease. Also, a high quality service that can be obtained in a very few center is provided in Colorectal Surgery Unit for functional bowel diseases which are characterized with constipation and difficulty in defecation complaints.

Areas that services provided with a multidicyplinary approach

  • Endoscopic applications that include the most developed systems for the diagnosis of colon cancer
  • High level pathologic and diagnostic examinations including genetic tests
  • With the most developed equipment of nuclear medicine and radiology; all kinds of computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasonography, positron-emulsion tomography images including scintigraphy and defeco graph,
  • Laparoscopic (closed technique) colon surgery
  • Trans-rectal interventions without performing an abdominal incision
  • Radiotherapy application preoperative, post-operative or peri-operatively in case of necessity by current technology equipment
  • Chemotherapy given by an experienced team
  • Bio-feedback treatment performed by gastroenterology team in patients with functional bowel disease and expert dietician control
  • In patients that stoma (exterioring bowel to abdomen) is necessary, trainings and care applications performed with the support of stoma nurse.

Breast Surgery

Breast complaints are one of the most common reasons of general surgery polyclinic admissions. The patient feels safe in Medipol University Hospital Breast Surgery Unit. Fast, accurate and correct diagnosis is possible with experienced and expert breast surgeons, advanced technology ultrasounds, digital mammography, synthesis and MR equipment.

In Medipol University Hospital; specifically trained surgeons are planning the benign and malignant diseases of the breast best in a multi-disciplinary approach manner with radiologists, nuclear medicine experts, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists. Also within oncologic principals, breast surgeons perform the operations by taking into account the patient preferences and esthetical concerns for obtaining optimum results.

Areas of services in medipol university hospital breast surgery unit

  • Oncoplastic breast surgery for better cosmetic results
  • Skin and nipple protecting mastectomy that gives the opportunity of prosthesis
  • By marking with radio-nuclear agent and removal in non-palpable small masses
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy and selective axillary lymph node dissection for to prevent lymph edema and pain in arm
  • Breast reconstruction coordinated simultaneously with plastic surgery
  • Preventive surgical treatment to high risk and BRCA mutation carriers
  • Instead of high side effect daily radiotherapy séances for 5 weeks in early stage breast cancers; single dose perioperative radiotherapy facility with a device proved with clinical studies and existing in the leading centers of the world.

Morbid Obesity Endocrine Surgery Unit

Morbid obesity is a health problem which became a problem of the many people of our age. In the health policies of developed countries, combatting with obesity is taken as serious as cancer and heart diseases and serious budgets are funded for the reduce it.

Medipol University Hospital evaluates the patients with obesity problem in Morbid Obesity Endocrine Surgery Unit and provides the most appropriate medical assistance. It is aimed to provide the most appropriate support in the unit for losing weight with the collaboration of dietician, general surgeon, cardiologist, chest diseases expert and psychiatrist in case of necessity. For this purpose, the patients who had been obese in the last 5 years and has fought with obesity in the last two years; surgery is recommended if the body mass index is (BMI) 35 and more and has additional disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea or body mass index is 40 and over and has no other complaints.

Tube stomach, mini gastric bypass operations that are the most common surgical methods performed in the world for this purpose are performed in Medipol University Hospital with laparoscopic method by causing the least trauma in the body.

For the patients who have severe operation anxiety, endoscopic gastric balloon application is performed in daily basis.

As for endocrine organs, primarily thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands come to mind. Diseases of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland disorders are mostly diagnosed accidentally during the current tests. For this reason, council opinion is important for operation decision. This consensus is provided with Endocrine Council in Medipol University Hospital. There is usually endocrinologist, general surgeon, pathology and nuclear medicine experts are present in Council. The most appropriate treatment choices are decided by discussing.

Minimal invasive surgical techniques are successfully performed in Medipol University Hospital for all endocrine diseases. For this purpose, in thyroid and parathyroid operations called as gama probe peri operatively, tissue defining device and voice nerve is distinguished and nerve monitoring device is used to reduce the injury level to minimal level is used.

For the surgical diseases of adrenal glands, same council gathers and the necessary treatment choice is applied with the most advanced medical methods laparoscopicaly.