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Obstetrics - Gynecology

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Medipol University Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department serves for any issues related to health of the mother and child before and after delivery with any diagnosis and treatment method belonging to gynecology having the infrastructure with the latest technology in modern delivery and operating rooms.

Being aware of the significance of early diagnosis and treatment, procedures of smear, ultrasonography and colposcopy - the painless diagnostic tools which play an important role in cancer research are succesfully performed at Medipol University Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

In diagnosis and treatment of woman diseases and infertility, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy methods are applied using the latest technology.

The necessities of patients in the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of woman's disease, pain-free birth, water birth, normal and high risk pregnancy monitoring, prenatal and post-natal monitoring, infertility, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology and menopause are met by emphatic academic team at Medipol University Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

Gynecologic Cancer Surgery

Uterine Cancer

85% of the patients with uterine cancer do not experience problems due to this disease.

Generally merely operation is sufficient. In a small patient group, radiotherapy (irradiation treatment( or chemotherapy may be required. Uterus, ovaries, surrounding lymph nodes and abdominal fat tissue are removed during the surgery. Uterine cancer surgeries can be performed from abdomen with open endoskopic (laparoscopic or robotic) methods.

Although rare, medical treatment is also possible when uterine cancers diagnosed early and in child willing women.

Ovary Cancer

Golden standard in ovarian cancer treatment is the initial operation that no visible tumor will be left which will be performed by a trained gynecologic oncologist. Success of this surgery is not exceeding 50% in many centers in Europe. Medipol University Hospital gynecologic oncology team’s operational success rate without leaving residual tumor reaches to 93%. There is a comprehensive process in this surgery which includes removal of uterus, both ovaries, fallopian tubes, surrounding lymph nodes, abdominal fat tissue and part of the organs that the ovarian cancer invaded.


If the tumor is early stage, small and limited in ovaries; operations of removal of uterus, ovaries, abdominal fat tissue and lymph nodes by laparoscopy or robotic surgeries can be performed.

If the ovarian cancer detected at a very early stage or in some types of ovarian cancer seen in young ages, uterus and the other ovary are left in the operation; reproductive capability and hormone release can be preserved in nullipars or young girls.

Cervix cancer Surgery

In microscopic level cervical cancers, treatment is possible only with the removal of cervix. In young women willing child; operation can be performed vaginally or abdominal open or endoscopic (laparoscopic or robotic) methods in tumors less than 4cm and not invaded around by preserving the corpus uteri.

In cervical cancers not invaded laterally, operations with high operational success rates are possible. These operations are highly radical operations and can be performed either open or endoscopic.

Water birth

Water birth is the method selected by the mothers who want to deliver in the hot tub. water birth is known to be beneficial in terms of both babies and mother since the baby continues his life in the amniotic sac of the mother As with other types of birth, the drug use or the use of artificial pain methods are not required.

Medipol University Hospital offers the comfort of delivery without any pain with water birth method.