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Operating Rooms

Medipol University Hospital has 25 operating rooms equipped with smart technology in international standards where any kınd of operatıon can be performed...

Operating rooms equipped with smart technology in international standards

The size of the operating rooms is between 45-58 m2, suitable for international standard both with the design and ceiling height. Large part of the ventilation system in the operating room has laminar flow and all of them are hepafiltered. Operating rooms are excellently designed in terms of the equipment. Portable CT and mobile MR device device are available in neurosurgery room. Operating rooms are fully equipped in terms of anesthesia devices anesthesia devices have the latest technology in which any kind of monitoring can be done. In addition, devices are suitable for use in MR scanner room. According to the type of surgery there are different optical systems for laparoscopic surgery,

A strong academic staff, health care assistants e xpert in their areas and experienced support team. are assigned in operating rooms equipped with smart technology in international standards.

Anesthesiology Applications

General Anesthesia

With this method, temporary loss of consciousness, loss of pain sensation (analgesia), suppression of reflexes and inactivity without changes in vital functions are provided. There are different types of anesthetic and analgesic drugs used for this purpose. These drugs are applied intravenously under the control of anesthesiologist or by inhalation especially in children. General anesthesia duration varies depending on the duration of the operation. Following the end of the surgery anesthetic surgery patients are awakened.

Regional Anesthesia

In this method the patient's consciousness is not lost as it is general anesthetic, but the sense of pain disappeares. The most frequently applied methods are central blocks (epidural and spinal anesthesia, spinal epidural anesthesia that is simultaneously administered both combined) or peripheral blocks [axillary (arm), femoral and sciatic popliteal (leg) vein blocks, etc.]. These operations can be performed according to location and type of surgery. Painless delivery with epidural anesthesia are also succesfully applied at Medipol University Hospital.

Sedation- Analgesia Applications

It is a method of intravenous administration of required medication in order to relieve the patient , to pacify them and to overcome the fear in case of minor surgeries to be performed under local anesthesia and painless procedures and diagnostic examinations (MRI, endoscopy, etc.).

Follow Up After Surgery - Anesthesia

After the operation ends and the patient is awakened , they are introduced to the recovery unit. By monitoring the patient's vital functions continously, the patient is closely monitored here until he is delivered to the ward. Medipol university Hospıtal has 2 recovery units well equipped in monitorization of vital functions of 22 patients.