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Brain - Nervous System

Emphatic academic team has come together for you

Brain Team

Strong academic staff consisting the important figures of Turkey who are experts in the fields of brain,spinal cordandnerve surgeryare serving at Medipol University Hospital.

Brain Power

New generation smart technology empowers…

Expert academic staff joinin force with new generation smart tech saves lifes at Medipol University Brain, Spinal Cordand Nerve Surgery Center.

Third eye of the neurosurgeon: Technology


Advanced level, proven technology…


Operation guidance system providing 3-dimensional imaging

O-arm perop CT imaging system

small incision, high sensitivity

Intra-Operative MR

Full-time MR during operation

Gamma Knife

The only target oriented, operation-free treatment in brain diseases.

Areas of service

  • VascularNeurosurgery
  • Aneurysm surgery
  • AVM surgery
  • Carotid endarterectomy surgery
  • Intracerebral hematoma surgery
  • Ischemic stroke (stroke) surgery
  • By-pass
  • Indirect cerebral revascularization
  • Decompressive craniectomy

Surgical interventions are performed bu using micro surgical and endoscopic techniques to the oncologic pathologies of central nerve system in adult and pediatric patients. Long term treatment planning in terms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is done by evaluating these cases at multidisciplinary council (neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and internal oncologist).

Traumatic, congenital and degeneratibe diseases of the spine are performed surgical intervention. “Minimally invasive spine center” is the center where microsurgical and endoscopic disc surgery (herniated disc) as well as endoscopic spinal instrumentation procedures are performed and rehabilitation treatments are planned together with PTR department.

Surgical intervention is applied for congenital or acquired cranial and spinal pediatric pathologiesvia microsurgical and endoscopic techniques. Oncologic and vascular pathologies , hydrocephaly and spinal dysraphism anomalies which are especially very common during newborn period can be counted within those

Emergent neurosurgical interventions are performed for the patients having general body trauma, head trauma or only having head trauma. Low morbidity and mortality are achieved under a treatment plan with intensive care- reanimation unit.

Surgeries of pump insertion in patients of spacticity and pain, insertion of nerve stimulator for appropriate epilepsy patients are performed.