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Healing Hospital Architecture

It is a model center and completely different from the conventional hospital architecture due to "its healing hospital architecture” and special landscape which makes the patients and their loved ones coming to the hospital feel more comfortable. Medipol University Hospital has 30 thousand square meters of 5 storey underground car park, employment capacity of 3500, and 162 500 m² indoor space.

Comfort in the Rooms 

Medipol Mega University Hospital prioritizes the patient comfort and provides home atmosphere. There is total of 810 bed capacity as intensive care, suite and normal rooms. Patients can entertain themselves with the LCD televisions (TV, DVD, Internet) in every room. In addition to every piece of comfort the modern life procures which the patient and the relatives might need, there is also a catering service with the best food possible.

Prayer Room

600-person-capacity spacious and large prayer room was designed with a special architecture method called “Turkish triangle”. It means covering a square based area with a dome. In this special designed spacious prayer room, the patients and their relatives can perform their religious obligations in peace.

5 Star Cafe/Restaurant: Pol’in 

Pol’in Cafe/Restaurant located in the Medipol Mega University Hospital living space, has a menu full of special tastes. It also provides a resting space with its modern and elegant atmosphere.

Pol’in Cafe/Restaurant is a special and fun part of our hospital which present healthy and delicious foods from Turkish and world cuisine to its visitors throughout the day with its professional and experienced team.