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If you have never visited a hospital overseas, don't worry. We help many international patients every day.

Our International Patient Services Department provides the following services:

  • Medical Second Opinion (free)
  • Doctor Selection (free)
  • Travel and Accommodation Organization
  • Assistance during hospital stay period
  • Assistance during/after discharge period
  • Translation & Interpreting
  • Entertainment (exploring Istanbul, shopping and so forth)

Medical Second Opinion(MSO)

When you decide to travel to another country for diagnosis or treatment, being informed about details related to the treatment or diagnostic tests, hospitalization period and prices before your arrival, will make your decision easier. If you send us your medical documents (epicrises, examination results and so forth) before your arrival, you will have an opportunity to be informed about your estimated treatment process that has been suggested by our physicians and about approximate price. Moreover, having an opportunity to receive a second opinion from another physician, will make you feel more confident during your treatment process. Sending your request to [email protected] or filling the form (use “SECOND OPINION” page : is enough to get a medical second opinion. You will receive a comprehensive medical opinion report regarding your diagnostic and treatment option as soon as possible.

Doctor Selection

The next step is to select a doctor. Our “FIND A DOCTOR” page (link: helps you find one who meets your requirements.

If you need help selecting a doctor or need advice, filling the form (use “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” page - is enough. This form helps us understand your situation and respond more helpfully. We will forward your inquiry to an appropriate medical professional and you will receive advice within a few days. You may use the same form to make follow-up inquiries. Sometimes we will schedule a phone conversation with you or your local physician if it will be needed.

Travel and Accommodation Organization

Before you come to Turkey for treatment you should get your visa and there is a “Medical Visa” in Visa options. If you want to get a Medical Visa, please, send your and your attendants’ passport information to our specialist (your country specialist in our hospital) who is in charge of you. Thus you will be provided with an official letter which will be used during the visa application. Moreover, apart from using this letter in visa application, you can also use it by presenting it to a fund or a ministry who is going to finance your treatment (if there are any). In addition, if you wish, in this scope, we can prepare and provide you with a separate letter.

When you decide to come to our hospital, our expert logistic team provides services for visa process, transportation and reservations, hotel reservation providing competitive prices via our contracted hotels (welcome and farewell services are free of charge).

For assistance after your arrival, you should share with us the information bellow;

  • Name-surname and passport information (including your attendants)
  • Flight booking or ticket information
  • Information about accommodation (Your guest house request or hotel information booked by you)
  • Preferred day and time you would like to have a consultation with your doctor

Furthermore, if you have not booked your hotel stay, you can benefit from our Medipol University Hospital Guest House apartments which are located near our hospital and emergency service (approximately 1 minute by foot). Just inform our specialist (your country specialist in our hospital) that you would like to stay in our Guest House

Assistance during hospital stay period

Please make sure that you bring your passport and all medical documents with you before you come to Turkey and hospital. This will help to speed up the treatment process and provide an opportunity for more detailed examination

You can demand any kind of help and support from your country specialist, who speaks in your mother tongue, before and after you come to hospital. Moreover, you can also demand any kind of help and support from an interpreter who assists you.

Furthermore, you can/must ask any health-related questions to your doctor. If you have language barrier, our interpreters will help you establish successful communication.

Assistance during/after discharge period

We offer you any kind of assistance during/after discharge period. The reports of your whole treatment process is kept in your personal archive file, the English translation of which will be provided to you during the discharge period. Therefore, do not forget to request the English translation of your medical documents from your country specialist or interpreter. According to your wish, the translated medical documents can be provided directly to you or via your email address. Moreover, after you are discharged from the hospital you can demand any kind of help and support from our specialists which are ready to assist you via e-mail or telephone. If you need a new appointment, filling the form (use “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” page - is enough.

Translation & Interpreting

We offer translation & interpreting services at out hospital in Istanbul. Our professional translators and interpreters use their mother/foreign language skills in order to provide invaluable services to patients, their families and medical practitioners alike. Therefore, when you decide to travel to Turkey for diagnosis or treatment do not worry about communication barrier you may encounter on your arrival to Turkey. You have an opportunity to easily request an interpreter before you come to the hospital. Moreover, if you wish, all reports of your whole diagnosis & treatment process can be translated into English language. In order to view the list of available interpreters, click here.


Apart from bedside entertainment services, we offer different Istanbul tours & travel services. See “Istanbul Guide” page.