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Turkey's Largest Healthcare Complex Housing 4 Hospitals: 
Medipol Mega University Hospital

Medipol Mega University Hospital is the Turkey's largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals. 

Medipol Mega University Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey, and the center of attention with its modern architecture, intelligent building technology, advanced medical equipment and new generation technology. Medipol Mega is the new reference center of the health industry, both in national and international arena.

Medipol’s International Patient Services Department aims to provide top quality services in any area to the patients preferred us for their own medical services and their relatives.

International Patient Services Department provides;

7 Days 24 Hours

  • Free of Charge Medical Second Opinion Service
  • Appointment Services
  • Translation & Interpretation Services
  • Hotel and Accommodation Organization Services
  • Visa Support Services
  • Transfer Services
  • Translation Services

What can we do for you?

Free of Charge Medical Second Opinion Service
Having an opportunity to receive a second opinion from another physician is important in order to have a clear understanding of the problem when you or a family member has a serious health problem. Our expert team is ready to provide you the information about the medical second opinion that they obtain from our doctors, as free of charge. All you need to do is to send the required documents to us.

For Second Opinion Application, please click here. 

When we receive your medical documents, our team will contact with our doctors. They will receive a medical second opinion about your diagnosis or treatment. You will receive a detailed medical second opinion report after our doctors’ evaluation.

Financial Services
When you decide to travel to another country for diagnosis or treatment, knowing financial details beforehand is always better. Our team will inform you about all the approximate prices of your diagnosis and treatment procedures. These financial data are just estimations. If you have a specific treatment, an all-inclusive package price may also be offered to you.

Visa Services
Our international team will inform and support you about the visa procedures according to your needs. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Services
Our team will -welcome you at the airport and escort you to your hotel or guest house upon your visit to the hospital for health services. Transfers to the hospital during your treatment and airport for your departure will be organized by our team.  Pick Up and Drop Off services are provided for free of charge as well as transfers between the hospital and your hotel. 

Accommodation Organization
When you decide to come to our hospital, for your accommodation during the stay; our expert logistic team assists you for free of charge with hotel reservations, providing competitive prices via our contracted hotels.

Medipol Guest House
Accommodation may be the biggest issue when it comes to extended hospitalizations. This problem is solved with Medipol University Guest House. Our guest house is just a few minutes away from the hospital. Accommodation is possible in our guest house which has been prepared for you and your loved ones to feel at home.

VIP Lounge
During your time in the hospital, you can rest and wait for your procedures to be completed in the VIP Lounge which has free WIFI, tea, coffee and treats.

Translation & Interpretation Services
Medipol Mega University Hospital offers services in 30 languages. All of the care you need in your mother tongue, will be provided by our patient counselors directly.

Languages we provide:
1.    German
2.    Arabic
3.    Albanian
4.    Azerbaijani
5.    Belarusian
6.    Berber Language
7.    Bosnian
8.    Bulgarian
9.    Chinese
10.    Persian
11.    French
12.    Georgian
13.    Croatian
14.    English
15.    Spanish
16.    Italian
17.    Kazakh
18.    Kyrgyz
19.    Macedonian
20.    Uzbek
21.    Pashto
22.    Romanian
23.    Russian
24.    Serbian
25.    Somalian
26.    Sorani
27.    Tajiki
28.    Turkmen
29.    Ukrainian
30.    Urdu

Staying at Medipol Mega University Hospital
Medipol Mega University Hospital becomes an important reference point both nationally and internationally with its modern architecture, smart building technology, and sophisticated medical basis.

Hospitalization Period
The patient counselor responsible for your processes is going to make all of your appointments and complete every preparation step in case you need to be hospitalized. All of the services you may need in your mother tongue, will be provided by our experts. In addition, the delicious foods you like are prepared in our hospital -cuisine, and our prayer room is open 24/7.

Discharge Services and the Follow-ups After the Discharge
A treatment file written in English is provided to you at the end of the treatment period so that you can add it to your personal archive. Our team will contact you in 24 hours at the latest about the documents you demanded after the treatment. Additionally, if you send us the examination results via e-mail; we would be glad to provide remote follow-up, as free of charge.

Treatment and Entertainment
Istanbul is a spectacular and anunique city located on two continents and seven hills. You can enjoy Istanbul, discover historical sites, the Turkish cuisine and visit malls. You will be informed about the international and big sporting eventsand art events happening regularly.