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What Can We Do For You?

Free Medical Opinion Services

When you or your family / friend face a serious health problem, you feel that it’ s better to get another opinion from some other doctors to have a clear picture about the problem. Our expert team is ready for you to get the second medical opinion from the academic staff for free of charge. All you need to do is to provide us the necessary medical document either in Turkish or English.

For upload your documents please click here.

After we receive the medical document , our team will be contacting to our doctors and get their medical second opinion regarding your diagnostic or treatment options. You will receive a comprehensive medical opinion report following our doctors review.

Financial Services

When you decide to travel another country for diagnosis or treatment it’s always good to know about financial details in advance. Our team will be giving you the all financial estimations of your diagnostic and treatment procedures. This financial information will be only for estimation or sometimes if you have certain treatment it could be a package fee which is including all your needs in during your hospital stay.

Travel and Accommodation Organization

When you decide visit the hospital, our expert logistics team provides state of art services for the visa process, overseas and in-city transportation and hotel reservation with competitive prices from the contracted hotels, welcome and farewell services as free of charge.

Discharge Services and Follow-up after Discharge

The treatment file in English submitted to you at the end of the treatment is delivered to keep in your personal archive. Furthermore, we are glad to perform your controls that we follow remotely when you contact to us via e-mail as free of charge.

Hospital Period

Patient consultant who is responsible for the follow-up of your procedures will have taken all appointments and make all preparations if you are hospitalized. All services will be provided by our experts that you may need in your mother language during your stay . Furthermore, appropriate meals for your taste are prepared in our hospital kitchen our praying room is open 7/24 for your needs.

Treatment & enjoy

Istanbul is a fantastic city settled on two continents and it has 7 hills which is unique place in the world. You are waited to discover historical places, shopping centers and cuisine culture enjoy Istanbul and to inform you about International and great sports and art events which are frequently performed in the city town.

Hospitalization in Medipol University Hospital

Modern architecture ,intelligent building technology and sophisticated medical infrastructure make Medipol University Hospital an important reference point both nationally and internationally.

Medipol Guest House

We prepare precious flats for a comfortable stay at reasonable prices.

Accommodation is one of the most important issue you encounter during your stay in the cases of extended medical care. We solve your problem with Medipol University Hospital Guest House apartments. Our Guest House is located at a distance just 1 minute from the hospital and emergency service.