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Treatment Abroad Through our long experience, we are aware of all concerns to go to abroad for healthcare services either for a routine healthcare control or a treatment of a difficult disease. We provide all required services with high quality health service approach, powerfull academic doctor staff and high standard technology to remove such concerns.

Concerns About Another Country, Another Language, Another Culture

Our department has all infrastructure required for you to make you feel as if you are at your home and have your treatment period like a vacation. We are right next to you with all opportunities for your comfort and peace with our staff from 14 different countries and languages . Our team has the high level of experience in order to make you feel at your native country by adopting all the world cultures.

Medipol University Hospital International Patient Relations Team

Medipol University Hospital International patient relations team provides state of art services 7 / 24 based to make all healthcare services that you will get from the hospital easier and more comfortable with an expert team more than 60 professions. All you need is to spend your energy and allocate time for your healthcare.