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The 'Twins' Together Again!

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Macedonian infant receiving a liver transplant from her mother

9 months old Macedonian baby, who was diagnosed with biliary cirrhosis at birth due to liver changing failure, regains her health with a successful liver transplantation performed in Turkey. The Head of The Department of Organ Transplantation, Professor Dr. HAMDI KARAKAYALI and his medical team transplanted a piece from her mother’s liver on to Irina GARJANOVA whose transplantation was not performed in Macedonia due to her small age and low weight.

One of the Macedonian twins Irina GORJANOVA’s complaints began immediately after birth. When little baby was just few months old she had an abdominal swelling and was diagnosed with hepatitis first. After further advanced investigations it turned out to be cirrhosis caused by development failure of biliary and that liver transplantation was necessary. Irina’s mother’s liver matched with hers. However at that period of time a medical center able to perform the transplantation on an infant who is 8 months old and weighs 7 kilos was not found. The GORJANOVS came to Turkey together with their children for this type of qualified transplantation that can be performed only in a small number of medical centers. Dr. KARAKAYALI who transplanted MAJA GORJANOVA’s half of the liver on to baby stated that ‘‘the baby's weight and age was too small for the transplantation’. Therefore the size of the body part to be transplanted was extremely important. We transplanted the most appropriate amount on baby Irina from her mother. He said that the results were extremely successful.

08 July 2019, Monday