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Medipol Mega University Hospital

State hospital administrators, pediatrics and oncology branch physicians coming from Romania, Oradea state have been hosted between the dates of 29 July - 30 July of 2015.

In workshops and promotional tour held for two days, academic case evaluations are carried out with our medical specialties, the equipment, achievements and the international education provided by Medipol Mega University Hospital have been introduced.

Following these meetings, a mutual cooperation agreement has been signed between Medipol Mega University Hospital and Oradea Province State Hospital. In accordance with this agreement, the physicians of Oradea Province State Hospital will be able to receive short term trainings in Medipol Mega University Hospital and our hospital will assist the Romanian patients for the treatment of cases that is not possible to perform in Romania. The studies have been initiated for the development of Telemedicine systems with mutual training seminars and screening activities.

Medipol Mega University Hospital develops its international cooperation with each passing day and continues its successful line in Turkey as well as worldwide with its educational projects.

08 July 2019, Monday