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Awareness of organ transplantation is increasing in international arena

The committee visited our hospital and has been informed about the organ transplantation department in Medipol University Hospital.

Between June 20th-22nd, “Organ Transplantation and Donation Media Workshop” was organized in Istanbul by International Transplant Network (ITN) with the participation of 60 press members from 30 different countries. Awareness on organ donation and transplantation was increased in the workshop. Among the participants, there was a foreign press committee consisting of 16 people from 8 different countries and they visited Medipol Mega University Hospital.

Presentations in English and Russian languages which introduce Medipol Health Group were done in the meeting and detailed information about the provided services and organ transplantation department of Medipol Mega University Hospital was given. Uygar Üstün, the Coordinator of Medipol Mega University Hospital International Patient Services, accompanied to press members and said “Nowadays, insufficient organ donation and transplantation numbers usually end up with loss of a life. People should be informed properly in order to increase social awareness and sense about this topic. In this sense, we’re happy to be a part of this activity that is organized by International Transplant Network (ITN) which we’re in collaboration with”.

08 July 2019, Monday