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Rujdi Galip Halim

Rujdi Galip Halim

Organ Transplantation Center

Country: Bulgaria

My first impression about Medipol University Hospital, which is located in Bagcilar district of Istanbul, was perfect. Thanks to Ms. Esin, who has worked in the department of Organ transplantation, I had such an impression. Her humanitarian relation, kindness and care helped us a lot. If she had not helped, we could not have solved the problem related to the documentation. She was in contact with us every day and informed us about what to do and where to go. When we first met Prof. Hamdi Karakayalı, MD, she supported me with confidence and courage. This was the first meeting with him. Nevertheless, he was the first doctor who convinced me to have an operation and I believed that I had to have that operation in such a hospital as Medipol. Maybe I decided to have an operation because Mr. Hamdi had informed us about the liver transplant surgery in details. I was sure that he could perform this transplant surgery. Prof. Hamdi Karakayalı, MD is a well-informed, self-confident and experienced physician. I thank to him and his team.

After the transplant surgery, I stayed in the Organ Transplantation department (on the 5th floor) for 10 days. I was very pleased with the staff who has worked there. All of them including the nurse, head nurse and doctors are enthusiastic professional experts in their job. They stayed by me in time when I needed them and did their job from the heart. I was very pleased. They treated me as if I had been knowing them for 10 years, not 10 days. Moreover, I am pleased with the personnel and cleaners who have worked in that department. Our patient’s room was always clean and tidy. Therefore, I thank to all, who took care of my health, very much! The food was served in time and in a hygienic manner. The waiters with smiling faces were doing their job in a diligent way. I thank to all of them for their care.

If I need a medical care in the future, I would prefer the same hospital.

Thank you! R.Halim 12.06.2016 /Istanbul

Kremena Pencheva


When a foreigner, who doesn’t speak Turkish, lives in Istanbul, the life can be pretty hard. But in case this person needs medical case, and your family is not around, and nobody understand your needs in any Hospital, life can be very difficult.

I went in Medipol after 2 months of unsuccessful treatments in other hospitals. Sibel was my personal assistant, speaking my mother language; she met me on the first day at the reception desk, with smile, understanding, care and professionalism. She helped me so much. She was explaining all details for my medical conditions in different cabinets and I received proper treatment.

To have personal assistant was the first nice surprise in Medipol.

The second one was the care interest and efforts which the doctors showed to me.

Providing personal attention, following in details my improvement, minimizing all risks form my Health- this is the way they treated me and I am very grateful.

At the end I would like to mention for the excellent medical equipment in the Hospital.

Thank you Sibel Kerim.

Thank you Dr. Mehmet Ağırman, Dr. Ali Saibe Engin.

Thank you Medipol!

Now I can continue my life with a smile.

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