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J. Gregory Kenny

Country: Kazakhstan

Dear Irade,
I wanted to send along this very sincere thanks to all of your very competent and caring staff. Each time we have come to Medipol, your team has gone out of their way to ensure that all is planned and taken care of as far as transportation and accommodation. This is very important as this leaves us to focus on Saule s complex and difficult health treatments. Far beyond this, your staff also work hard to act not only as interpretors but also as advisors assisting us in understanding what can be done and explaining our concerns to the doctors so we can make an effective plan. Dr. S. Kaplan, Tunç, Karaca and of course, Dr Caglar all of whom have been most professional and sensitive working with us to provide for Saule s unique medical needs. World class care and caring!

Naming a few only, we would like to make sure you pass our thanks to Günay, Timur, Elmira, Zain, Wojoud, Sarvar and, of course the support staff at Batışehir and Transport.

... and to you Irade, for co-ordinating all of this and helping us make sure that all of this complex mix of treatment plans eventually fits into our financial limits.

Again our sincere and heartfelt thanks,
J. Gregory Kenny