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Dimitri Teslenko


Country: Ukraine

Good afternoon,
I’d like to share my story with you. It was written on behalf of Dmitry Teslenko’s family.

When Dmitry was diagnosed with leukaemia first time on February 5, 2015 in Cherkassky Ukraine- it was a nightmare. 10 months later cancer came back and we were told that without bone narrow transplant he literally has no chance. It’s very hard to remember all sleepless nights and tears. Even more harder was to look at Dmitry’s eyes full of hope knowing that we can’t help and the only chance to save his life is to gather unbelievable amount of money for treatment in Israel or Germany.

I started browsing around and found Bookimed service online and just a few minutes later. I was contacted by Alexsey Berkovets.

Then a journey began. That night was followed my dozens of hours of talking thinking and negotiating. He was the one who recommended us Medipol clinic, who reassured us that this is the best team in a cancer treatment in Turkey, and professors are top notch level. A week later we got an awesome news that Medipol Clinic will accept Dmitry on treatment without paying a full amount of treatment cost, by the way it was few times cheaper than Israel! Irada Glucan was our on the go girl from the very beginning! We really appreciate that she was available to answer phone call or text anytime of the day even in the middle of night. She’s supporting Dmitry and Eugene like they are her own brothers! She is incredible caring good person! When brothers arrived to Istanbul she helped them out a lot and always were by their side introducing to Turkish culture.

Our family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care of Dmitry received during his hospitalization. The sensitivity and support of his doctors Dr. Fatma Deniz Sargin and Dr. Huseyin Saffet Bekoz helped us through what was a very difficult time, and we will never forget your kindness. They gave a second chance in life to Dmitry! I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to the entire staff in Medipol Hospital. Thank you to the nurses for their high level of professionalism and the warmth, attention and devotion that they displayed for Dmitry and Eugene. Their determination to have things done as quickly and efficiently always came through in everything they did. Without them brother’s stay at the Medipol would not have been as manageable and comfortable. Thank you so much for everything!

Please see below Dmitry’s letter as well!

Kindest Regards, Dmitry Teslenko’s Family and Friends

To Medipol Medical Staff

There are few who cross our path of life that remain forever in our hearts, and for me this is the entire team at Medipol Hospital.

I'd like to thank you with all my heart my doctors Dr. Fatma Deniz Sargin and Dr. Huseyin Saffet Bekoz for literally giving me a second chance in life! They were never too busy to see or speak to me, always made me feel protected and believed in my speedy healing.I’m extremely lucky to be taken care of by you. My whole family is!

Especially huge thanks to Dr.Husseyin Saffet Bekoz for his positive attitude which was unbeat and comforting to all. There’s no way I can ever thank you for being such an awesome doctor!You’ve stuck by us (me and my twin brother Eugene) through the tough times and the good ones. You’ve always been honest, patient & encouraging.

Thank you doesn’t come close to describing my gratitude for all of the nurses for what they have done for me. Not only you are an outstanding passionate professionals, but you are a wonderful people who encouraged and supported me! Your patience, skilled hands, gentle touch and ability to see beyond is rare. I appreciate all the conditions and environment I was lucky to be part of – my hospital room, amazing delicious food, constant care – there is no place I'd rather get my surgery done!

Huge thank you goes to Irada Gulcan and our translator Iryna, our bilingual support team who made me feel comfortable and confident! Irada thank you for always being here for us and helping us to go through this challenge! You’ve been worrying about and supporting me and my brother even before we arrived to Medipol! I’m so grateful for having such a caring person by side while on treatment!

Moreover, I’d like to thank you on behalf of my family Alexey Berkovets. Without this man we wouldn’t be able done what we’ve done. He was with us from the very beginning, he was the one who recommended us Medipol clinic, who reassured us that this is the best team in cancer treatment in Turkey, who was dealing with lots of paperwork on a daily basis trying to get funds from Ukrainian government for us to pay for the surgery, and negotiating lots of issues that kept coming up every day! He was with us every single minute ready to jump in and help! I remember how everything has started with unspeakable gratitude in my heart and tears on my eyes… Thank you Alexey for who you are and for the deepest kindness of your heart!

I want to thank you ALL for your contribution in making my future bright!

From a forever grateful patient,
Dmitry Teslenko
March 26, 2016