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Target-oriented treatment with Gamma Knife technology

Target-oriented treatment with Gamma Knife technology

What is the purpose in Gamma Knife technology?

Gamma Knife radio surgery method is a treatment method aiming to eliminate lesions occurring in the brain at once with high dose radiation. Thanks to this technology, which has been used for nearly fifty years, approximately one million patients have been treated. 

In which diseases is Gamma Knife technology used?

Gamma Knife is used in the treatment of brain tumors which are described as benign. Additionally, it is also applied in tumors that we call malignant in special cases along with tumors that spread from different parts of the body to the brain. We also use Gamma Knife technology in the treatment of the disease, which we define as a developmental vascular ball and may cause brain hemorrhage in time. Gamma Knife is used in the treatment of severely felt pain in cheeks and rarely in the treatment of psychiatric diseases.

How many sessions does the Gamma Knife application take?

In some cases, if the tumor is too large, it may take several sessions, but we usually complete the procedure in one session.

What are the advantages of Gamma Knife technology?

We can make interventions on the tumor inside the brain without an operation or any incisions thanks to Gamma Knife. And this is an important plus sign for the comfort of the patient. We can discharge the patients home after the session is completed, unless a very special condition arises. The side effects are minimal. The patients have a headache lasting a few days at most. 

Does it show its effect immediately after the application?

While fast growing tumors respond and shrink in a shorter time; Tumors that are benign and have grown slowly can shrink more slowly. Sometimes, these tumors remain at the same size, and do not shrink at all. This is another favorable indication of this treatment. 

Does the radiation applied in Gamma Knife technology harm the patient? 

The goal of Gamma Knife is to treat the targeted mass without damaging the surrounding tissues. Here we apply target-oriented radiation. The surrounding tissues are not affected by this procedure, as it is a method in which only the tumor is affected.