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Robotic Surgery

First in Turkey! The world's most advanced robot is in Medipol...

The world's most advanced surgical robot is present in Medipol University Hospital as the first time in Turkey. Important operations are performed by interventions from small holes with surgical robot which is one of the most important developments of that technology presented to medicine. This system provides great comfort and convenience to both surgeon and the patient.

New Approach in Surgery: Robotic Surgery

Advanced Movement Capability Much Higher Than the Mobility of the Human Wrist

Instruments on the endings of the robotic surgery system arms are much forward than the movement capability of human wrist and can move with 540 degrees of angles in 7 different axes. By this, surgeon can perform critical surgical interventions in narrow and small areas with success. It is almost like the 3rd hand of the surgeon with this property.

It is possible to shake the human hand Sensitive movement capability of the Robotic Surgery System eliminates shaking of the hand. Elimination of hand shaking substantially reduces the errors due to human hand at the interventions performed in risky areas.

3 Dimensional Images and 18 Folds Magnification Property

3 dimensional images that is provided to surgeon with Robotic Surgery System, provides successful actualizing of the intervention. Surgeon can control the camera as they wish and can magnify the image 18 folds and can be able to intervene the diseased region more detailed.

Excellent Comfort and Ergonomics for the Surgeon

Surgeon’s management of the operation as in sitting position at console decreases the stress due to physical fatigue and helps increasing the concentration. This factor particularly has an important role in long lasting operations.

Superiorities of the Surgical Robot

  • Less incision (minimal invasive)
  • Lesser blood loss, less blood transfusion need
  • Less complication
  • Less infection risk
  • Less pain
  • Less wound scar, better cosmetic results
  • Faster recovery, faster returning back to normal daily life

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