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Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most common type of lithotripsy.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most common type of lithotripsy. High-energy shock waves, also called sound waves, will pass through your body until they hit the kidney stones. If you are awake, you may feel a tapping feeling when this starts. The waves break the stones into tiny pieces. A tube may be placed through your bladder or back into your kidney. This tube will drain urine from your kidney until all the small pieces of stone pass out of your body. This may be done before or after your lithotripsy treatment.

Latest Technology ESWL Device

Storz Modulith SLK..

Latest technology lithotripsy. Procedures are performed with  Storz Modulith SLK brand ESWL device  at  Medipol University Hospital urology department.

The MODULITH  SLK brand ESWL device is based on a revolutionary new design: it features a medium-sized shock wave source that is mounted to a flexible, easy-to-move articulated arm and offers a wide energy range for all indications of shock wave therapy.Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the MODULITH SLK is also ideal for interdisciplinary use. Shock wave therapy spans a wide spectrum of applications, from urology and orthopaedics up to stone disintegration in gastroenterology and otorhinolaryngology.

Storz Modulth SLK,  Views Kidney Stones in Two Ways and Enable Targeting 

1. Scopy (X-ray)

2. Ultrasonography

In order to prevent damage to the patients in the pediatric age and enable observing non-opaque calculi which are not visualized by X-Ray, ultrasonography is used.

Cihaz 165 mm panetrasyon derinliği sunmaktadir; bu da kilolu ve obez hastalarin taşlarini kirarken eşsiz bir kabiliyet ve yeterlilik sağlamaktadir.

The device offers penetration  depth of 165 mm; it also provides a unique capability and adequacy while breaking stones of overweight and obese patients .

Storz Modulith SLK operates with the working principle of breaking the stones of ESWL cases in 1.1 session. 

Area of Use