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Armeo Power Hand and Arm Robot

Robot-assisted therapy with the latest technology hand-arm robot gives new opportunities for the patients with paralyzed upper extremities!

Armeo Power rehabilitation is a robotic rehabilitation device that can be used in the movement disorders of hand and arm from the early phases of dysfunction.

What are the Benefits of Armeo Power Treatment?

From the early stages of the rehabilitation Armeo Power Robotic Treatment;

  • prevents the muscular dystrophy by providing movement in patients with the dysfunction of  arm and hand movements
  • decreases edema by helping circulatory restoration
  • prevents joint limitations due to immobility and reduces pain
  • by regaining hand functions at early stages, reduces the patient’s dependency in daily life activities and increases motivation.

The main purpose of the treatment is to provide sufficient support to the arm and hand and to develop the patient’s movement control, improving the movement dysfunction of the patient.

What is Robot Aided Arm-Hand Rehabilitation?

It is a robotic aided neuro rehabilitation method used in arm and hand dysfunctions developed as a result of neurologic disorders such as;

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain and spine injury
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cerebral Palsy (brain paralysis in children)
  • Neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis

It improves the hand and arm use and helps to develop the patient’s daily activities such as grasping a subject with hand, eating and dressing. It greatly contributes to the rehabilitation in the early phase including patients with severe movement disorder.

How Armeo Power Assists Treatment?

Armeo Power allows the work out of high concentration specific movements and helps the reformation of signal conducting system which is impaired due to the dysfunction. It helps regaining the signal flow originating from brain and/or reformation of signal conduction which is interrupted due to injury and provides the initiation of the movement. It is a method that restores the movement ability, develops grasping power and provides reorganization of the brain function. As a result of the repeated movements with Armeo Power and response to the activated stimulation, relevant mechanisms in the brain create formation of new nerve connections form healthy nerve bodies. As the stimulation increases, unused, damaged nerve connections are lost and replaced by the newly formed nerve connections. Thus the patient’s movement ability increases.

Areas of Use

How Armeo Power Works?

Arm-hand robot consists of a robotic outer skeleton and an electric column that can be adjusted to necessary height and create a three dimensional working area. It supplies the support that is needed to the whole arm and helps to improve the patient’s arm and hand movements. It can be used in all sizes of the arm widths and lengths and hands. It is possible to make the patient work out in all movement directions of the shoulder, elbow, arm wrist and fingers. Robotic motors are controlled by computer and with the aid of the sophisticated software, repeated intense movement programs, including games that increase the patient’s motivation and provides improvement of arm-hand movement ability.