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At Medipol University Hemodialysis Center, the most advanced intelligent technology product 5008S dialysis system is used . This system produces its 'ultra-pure replacement liquids, measuring the effectiveness of treatment during dialysis (Kt / V) and the maximum level of dialysis adequacy is achieved. hemodynamic stability of the patient is provided with On-line HDF (hemodiafiltration) feature by "cardioprotective" application of hemodialysis, inflammation and oxidative stress, side effects are also minimized during dialysis treatment.

Medipol University Hemodialysis Center serves patients with renal impairment, acute renal damage, patients having impaired renal function at higher risk of invasive cardiological procedures or heart patients requiring vascular surgery intervention.

At hemodialysis center, risk of Hepatitis B, C virus infection between dialysis patients has been removed since machine and physical environment seperation is made according to serologic markers.